The Less You Know



F. A. Q.

what happened to the fourth host?

Former host Alfred Coleman passed away due to the death of André’s evil demon possessed urn! he’s only able to return when summoned from the pits of hell...

when does the podcast update?

Count on us updating Every Tuesday and Wednesday at the latest, unless there is an emergency.

where can I listen to the podcast?

we are available on every podcast platform you can think of! (except Soundcloud. that crap is expensive…] check out the list —> here! <—

do you know a lot of your news is misinformed and or false?

Yes! We are called “The Less you know” after all! We aren’t a real news source, so don’t take anything we say seriously. if you want legit news you won’t find it here.

is there really bonus content at the end of each episode?

You got it billy. Every episode after episode 18 has rich bloopers/bonus content, As well as every holiday special!

WHO edits the podcast?

your host Brandon Babcock of course! Thought sometimes André does, but he isn’t as talented as the king of craft!