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Current Events

Current Events

the death of host four.

It all started when andré brought a haunted mysterious urn home. Shortly after Alfred started being haunted by the demon inside the urn. After the urn mysteriously appear next to alfred’s bed from outside during the the halloween special episode spooky times Ep 1. On episode 11 Alfred was mysteriously gone… then his disseverance was addressed when the hosts broke down trying to hide their feelings on episode 12… to the death of our beloved “Alfred Coleman the iII.”

you’ll notice ever since Episode 3 titled “Stop saying uber!” our hosts deemed that they do not support u**r for almost killing former host Alfred Coleman and their poor treatment to their customers. So if you hear a -BLEEP! sound when they’re saying the word u**r you now know why.

Über ban


All started with a chimp…

CHRISBOMEN is the unofficial, official mascot of the less you know. A humble man who overcame his alcoholism and rejection of his family by celebrating people, love, and all walks of life.


this is a terrible rating system Brandon and Nicole came up with to rate games… We’d try and explain it but it would be pointless.

icky out of Shnikkies

On episode 59 we celebrated the 14th anniversary of the killdozer an amazing tail Of a man driven to the edge to bring the world to justice.
Rest in piece Marvin heemeyer - 6/4/2004 -

Killdozer Anniversary