The Less You Know


Show Segments

local news

this is where the hosts talk about their own personal news! A chance to get to know your hosts a little more.

World news

The meat and patatoes, the fish and chips, the reason you come to listen to this stupid podcast! Your hosts reading mind melting news that makes no sense.

During this segment where we talk about all the positive and good things that happened in the world. Sometimes you need some good news before all the chaos of the world.

What’s good in the neighborhood?

Game Corner

One of the most beloved segments game corner! founded by Nicole this is time where we talk about the video games and video game events.

Our hosts personal favorite quick draw! POW! PEW! BANG! a Brandon founded segment where he lists of buzzfeed headlines as the hosts fill in the rest.

Quick draw

It’s in the title! Nicole reads off articles that she could give zero S**Ts about. Listen as her head begins to boil

who gives a S**t?

a popular game invented by our former 4th host RIP, Alfred Coleman. If you’d like to know what happened to him see our Current Event’s page.

Dummy dunkers

This segment was founded by Andre for the hosts to rate celebrities if they’re hot or not. this rating system determines wether or not they will be banished to the clocktower or the red carpet.

The Clock Tower or To the stars

This segment was founded by Brandon when the topic of Jeff Goldblum was a zaddy (which he totally is) was brought up by andré. We now find new people to deem zaddy or just a noDaddy.

Zaddy corner